In 1991, we acquired our first Doberman "PINA" Berna of Phantom Black to serve as the protector of our family and our home. Over time, we grew to know and love her and to discover the beauty of the Doberman breed. In 1993, our veterinarian suggested that we breed her. We named our bloodline "LAS ARMONIAS," after my beloved mother. We bred PINA with Arg.Ch. Barbatos Red del Samurai. BRUSSE LADY of LAS ARMONIAS. was born from this breeding.

In 1994, I went to my first show with BRUSSE. As a puppy she won several "Best In Shows." That same year, we traveled with a group of breeders from Rosario to the Sicalam dog shows (Bolivia) where BRUSSE captivated her fans and the judges.

In 1995, we acquired Arg.Ch. MACACO`S CEYDY. Within a short time, we made her a Champion and a top twenty finalist. In 1996, my colleagues and I acquired Arg.ch. MACACO`S GERONIMO. GERONIMO’s outstanding pedigree substantially enhanced our bloodline and the quality of Doberman that our breeding would produce.

CEYDY was bred with Arg.Ch. Hamlet`s Will Ross Balac Black which gave rise to OREAN BLACK of LAS ARMONIAS. OREAN BLACK, the first champion to bear the Las Armonias name, won "Best In Show" and was a Top Twenty Finalist.

With the concerted effort of my two friends , Ms. Alicia Farias (Macaco`s Kennel) and The Arquitect Fabian Gotlib (Hamlet`s Kennel), we continued steadily breeding and producing champions and thus became one of the top breeders in the country. In 2001, we started to export Dobermans throughout Latin America, South America, Asia, Europe and many other countries including Guatemala, Mexico, Spain. In 2002 we began exporting to India, Brazil, and the throughout the United States.

As of 2004, we are rated #1 by the Argentinian Doberman Club. We are committed to improving our beloved Doberman race.



(E-mail: lasarmonias@ciudad.com.ar )

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